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Thermal Imaging Inspections

We use “Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology” to identify and point out anomalies that cannot be seen by the naked eye. GCS Construction Services & Home Inspections, LLC uses Thermal Imaging Technology in every standard home inspection.

We offer a premium building envelope inspection that includes exterior walls (weather permitting), interior walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, and the foundation. This type of inspection can be very time consuming in order to properly identify problem areas.

The use of Thermal Imaging Technology allows me to offer you significant advantages over inspection companies that do not use Thermal Imaging Technology.  The moisture, insulation, and electrical problems found using this technology can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.  Moisture problems can lead to mold growth and a variety of other unwanted issues including wood or structural decay, and wood destroying insects. Missing or inadequate insulation results in energy loss and contributes to high energy costs. Electrical problems can also be a serious safety concern if not detected.

What is Thermal Imaging?

thermal imaging inspections Fernandina Beach

Thermal imaging is an effective, non-destructive method for detecting potential problem areas. Thermal imaging cameras look at naturally emitted infrared or “heat” radiation. The infrared camera emits no radiation and is not x-ray vision. Under the right conditions anomalies can be detected that would otherwise remain hidden from a visual inspection alone.

What you can find with Thermal Imaging

  • Hidden moisture in walls ceilings and under floors
  • Leaking roofs
  • Broken water pipes
  • Water soaked areas that are not visibly seen
  • Overheated electrical switches & outlets and more

A Thermal Imaging inspection is an inexpensive way to detect problems that if not addressed soon, could end up costing thousands of dollars in repair or added energy costs. When the safety and piece of mind factors are figured in, a Thermal Imaging Inspection is priceless. Give us a call for a quotation.