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Get a Pre-Listing / Seller’s Inspection

If you’re selling your home you should consider a Pre-Listing Inspection

If your home is older, you may want to schedule an inspection before you put your home on the market. If your home is relatively new and you’re not aware of any problems, you might be ok. But, if you have any concerns about your property it could be worthwhile to spend $300 or so to hire an inspector. Once the inspection is done, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing about potential problems and having the opportunity to address them on your own time, rather than under pressure from a buyer who wants work completed before the settlement date.

pre-sale inspection fernandina

It is highly likely your buyer is going to have a home inspection preformed prior to the closing. Having an inspection performed ahead of time helps in many ways, such as:

  • It allows you to see your home through the eyes of a critical and neutral third party.\
  • It alerts you to immediate safety issues before agents and visitors tour your home.\
  • It may alert you of items of immediate concern, and/or in need of repair.
  • It permits you to make repairs ahead of time.\
  • Defects won’t become negotiating stumbling blocks.\
  • There is no delay in obtaining the Use and Occupancy Permit.
  • You have the time to get qualified contractors or make the repairs yourself.
  • It helps you to price your home realistically.
  • It may relieve prospects’ concerns and suspicions.\
  • It may encourage the buyer to waive his inspection contingency.
  • It reduces your liability by adding professional supporting documentation to your disclosure statement.
  • Copies of the inspection report, along with receipts for any repairs, should be made available to potential buyers.
  • It shows good faith to the buyer that you have nothing to hide.